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Tfw no PS3 and no job anymore. *Sulks* I still have a list of PS3 games I want. And a list of PS2 games that are so rare now that it’d be easier just to buy digital versions off of PSN. My PS2 doesn’t even work right now. I’m hoping that it just needs one of those lens cleaning discs. At least Persona 5 is supposed to be released on the PS3 and the PS4. I need to start saving for a PS3. OTL

#.turtle #turtle rambles bout video games #turtle wants things that cost money #...wangst


It’s funny because Maya id objectively the best Persona protagonist but people always forget about her in Not Canon-chan’s favor or even Trinity Soul guy.

#eh. most of the fanart I've seen today included maya if it included tatsuya and naoya #persona protags
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